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Namesdao Platform

Namesdao’s team has built an extensive platform, including .xch NAME NFT’s, a fully open-source wallet app, a custom NFT minting server, a decentralized app (dapp) that works with browser extension wallets, and much more. Here’s a look at some of the platform’s pieces:

Names: Namesdao .xch Names

NFT’s that can be used to resolve various things including wallet addresses and domain names. Decentralized, Self-custodied Name Resolution.

Domain Name Resolution /

Namesdao’s platform includes onchain specification of Domain Name Service settings. These can be used by any proxy or direction service, or browser extension, to resolve .xch name DNS. Namesdao offers the service, which uses this onchain data, initially providing a redirection service. Examples: ,


Namesdao .xch Wallet app

A fully open-source wallet that includes built-in Namesdao .xch Name resolution into functionality like XCH, token and NFT transfers. It also includes several additional features, such as a default 1 mojo transaction fee, and an outgoing XCH memo capability. NAME and AIR tokens are built-in default options for the token list. Packages for different operating systems are coming soon.

Namesdao .xch Wallet App

Chia-crypto-utils library

This dart programming language package used by many wallets includes Namesdao secondary name resolver integration. Wallets written with this library can be easily deployed across Web App, iOS and Android platforms.

Dapps: Namesdao Dapp

Namesdao’s dapp provides easy registration and name-resolving transactions for Goby and other CHIP-0002-compliant browser extension wallets. The dapp website includes many additional features including cloaked registration memo generation.

Command-line Interface: Namesdao-cli

Namesdao-cli is a fully open-source command-line interface script that wraps around the Chia CLI to provide easy name registration, including for cloaked registrations, as well as sending XCH using Namesdao’s secondary resolver.

Personal Payment Pages: (and display a personalized home page for Namesdao names, including direct links to send payments through our Dapp. Example:


NAME: The NAME token is a utility token that can be used to register Namesdao Names. Supply is fixed at 100 million total. Dexie Hashgreen

AIR: The AIR token is an inflatable utility token that projects can use to receive indications from users who use the Chia wallet, by letting them send a transaction with an outgoing memo, something that the Chia wallet does not initially support for outgoing XCH transactions. Initial supply is 100 million AIR, and total supply is not fixed. Request free AIR token in our Discord.

Service Status

We have a service status page at, which provides links for checking availability of our different services.

Secondary Name Resolver

Anyone may set up a secondary name resolver, since Namesdao .xch name resolution runs off of the Chia blockchain. We offer sample secondary name resolvers for Namesdao .xch Names at and, which can be used to look-up data on Namesdao .xch Names. The resolver features signature files to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks, and also provides nft_coin_id values for rapid confirmation with third-party full node services or local full nodes. Example: ,

Secondary Name Market

Namesdao Namesholders may place their Namesdao .xch Names up for sale using offers. Examples can be seen on Dexie

Community Programs

Stay tuned for our dedicated page on this

Namesdao Chia Excellence Awards

Namesdao Innovation Grants

Namesdao Media Creator Bounty Program

Security Bug Bounty Program