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Download the fully open-source Namesdao .xch Wallet

This page is the only official source for the Namesdao .xch Wallet client installer downloads. Do not trust downloads from other sources.

The newest version of the Namesdao .xch Wallet is based on the Chia 1.6.1 wallet. It is released under the same open source license, Apache 2.0. Code from our wallet can be submitted to the Chia wallet as a pull request without need to request permission from our team. It’s source is fully verifiable and we offer bug bounties.

Namesdao .xch Wallet Features:

  • Use Namesdao .xch names for sending NFT’s, XCH and tokens (CATs)
  • You can also set a memo for XCH transfers, which you can use for things like .xch name requests, custom NFT projects and blockchain apps on Chia
  • We also offer a default 1 mojo fee to help your transactions get through or change # of mojos without having to count decimal places

Advanced Users: Windows / Mac / Other Platforms

Install Newest Version from source

Installation Instructions for Ubuntu/Debian

  1. Download the .deb file below and save
  2. Open the file with Ubuntu “Software Install” or Debian equivalent, and click on Install
  3. Start “Namesdao .xch Wallet”
  4. Note: if you want to check the SHA-256 hash, open a terminal window before installing and type sha256sum filename, e.g. sha256sum lKamaR4r.deb , and make sure it matches the SHA256 checksum value below.

Download Ubuntu/Debian Install Files

Ubuntu/Debian Version 0.1.0 beta | 64 bit SHA256 checksum: 136e3762e96e2815bffcf959f58b64c45e5efeb2221291d54c54887b3618e420

Ubuntu/Debian ARM Version 0.1.0 beta | 64 bit SHA256 checksum: b31ab2338c44a5291444f6c172d26daf380a47218daa848241d8275d19bba28f

Namesdao Links: <a href=index.html>Home</a> | <a href=about.html>About</a> | <a href= target=_blank>Twitter</a> | <a href= target=_blank>Join our Discord</a>

Namesdao is not affiliated with the Chia Network corporation.

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