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You can link your .xch name to your website, using our service. The linking is done on-chain, so it is decentralized.

  1. Create a Profile (DID) in your Chia or Namesdao wallet (use a network fee).
  2. Assign your Namesdao .xch Name to the new profile (use a network fee).
  3. Find out your new DID wallet’s ID #, using chia wallet show
  4. Configure the website DNS entry in your profile/DID’s metadata by filling in the following command and then running it once, and then after it confirms, once more (TWO TIMES total):

Windows – Powershell 7.3 version:

Create a file named namesdao_dns_config.json with this content:

    "wallet_id": "FILL_ME_IN",
    "metadata": {
        "namesdao": "{\"FILL_ME_IN.xch\": {\"dns\": {\"default\": [{\"type\": \"CNAME\", \"host\": \"@\", \"value\": \"www.FILL_ME_IN\", \"ttl\": \"3600\", \"priority\": \"1\"}]}}}"
    "fee": "5"

Then, after filling in the “FILL_ME_IN” info, run:

.\chia rpc wallet did_update_metadata -j "LOCATION\namesdao_dns_config.json"

Wait for the transaction to confirm, and then run it once more.

Linux terminal window:

chia rpc wallet did_update_metadata '{"wallet_id": FILL_ME_IN, "metadata": {"namesdao":"{\"FILL_ME_IN.xch\":{\"dns\":{\"default\":[{\"type\":\"CNAME\",\"host\":\"@\",\"value\":\"www.FILL_ME_IN\",\"ttl\":3600,\"priority\":1}]}}}"}, "fee": 5}'

Wait for the transaction to confirm, and then run it once more.

Video Example

Part 1

Part 2

Just reach out to us on our Discord for help

About Namesdao .xch Domain Name Services

  • You can have multiple Namesdao Names in one profile/DID
  • This format is extensible to any Domain Name Service (DNS) record
  • Anyone can create a proxy/DNS service using your Namesdao .xch Name settings
  • You can even provide different DNS settings to different proxy services
  • Change your settings whenever you’d like, using decentralized transactions